5 Private Tours for your next Vacations in Mexico

Chichen Itzá Private Tour

Visiting Mexico without visiting Chichén Itzá is like visiting Paris without watching the Eiffel Tower. In other words: Chichen Itzá should definitely be on top of you bucketlist!

This archaeological site has been announced as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Therefore it has been the most visited Mayan City of all Mexico. Our private and experienced guide will share with you his huge knowledge of the Mayan culture and will give you a complete explanation of Chichén Itzá and its great history!

Furthermore you will enjoy typical Mexican food in a gourmet restaurant where you can relax and have a great lunch. Afterwards your private transportation will take you to a wonderful cenote. These secret underground caverns lead to pools with gorgeous turquoise-colored water. Here you will be able to refresh yourself and to practice Snorkel, discovering the great underwater secrets of the beautiful cenote.

Private Marine Turtle Tour

Secondly on your bucketlist should definitely be the Marine Turtle Tour! Who wouldn´t want to swim with these amazing animals and especially in their natural habitat?!

This is the perfect way to include nature and animal wildlife into your vacations to Mexico. With this tour you will get to swim in the second biggest reef in the world and to explore the underwater beauties with your own eyes. This is the best ecofriendly, fun and safe activity to do! Also in this tour you will have an excellent experienced private guide and comfortable private transportation.

Afterwards you will be able to swim and Snorkel in another beautiful cenote. Due to its blue and clear waters, this cenote is called ¨Cenote Azul¨ (Blue cenote).

This will be a great ending of this amazing tour, where you can enjoy and surround yourself by the beauties that the nature has to offer.

Private Tulum Tour

Tulum: Caribbean beaches and incredible Mayan ruins! This is a place that you shouldn´t skip. Besides having the most amazing beaches, Tulum also has a great history. This historical site was built during the dying days of the Mayan Empire and was actually a fort. This fort was also the only one next to the sea! The private guide will be happy to show you around and to tell you everything about the history of this great site.

Sian Ka´an Private Tour

If you are a nature lover then you should definitely visit the Sian Ka´an Biosphere Reserve! Sian Ka´an is a natural protected area in the Riviera Maya. Go hiking through the jungle and discover the historical site of Muyil. This is an impressive Mayan temple.

Cross the lagoon by boat and explore the biosphere reserve and its wildlife. You will be amazed about the beautiful mangroves of Sian Ka´an and all the other flora and fauna. The best thing is that you can even swim in the freshwater through the channels. Immerse yourself with the unique and beautiful nature of the Yucatan Peninsula! Make sure Sian Ka´an is one of your next adventures in the Riviera Maya!

Cobá Private Tour

Finally Cobá: the highest pyramid Nohoc Mul, will complete you must seen tour list in Mexico!

Here you will enjoy a day exploring this fantasctic archaeological site with its impressive and still acessible pyramid Nohoc Mul! You will get the chance to hike or optional by bicycle and climb the highest Mayan pyramid in Mexico! The view from above is even more outstanding! It´s for sure worth the climb!

In addition to this, you can immerse yourself in the Mayan underwater world, also known as the famous cenotes. These are perfect for snorkeling and to relax after the visit of Cobá. Isn’t it funny how many cenotes you can visit in Mexico, and how each one is still beautiful and unique from each other?

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