5 reasons why Mexico has to be on your bucket list!

Why Mexico should be on your bucket list? The country has “EVERYTHING“: think of the beautiful Mayan culture, the pearly white beaches, delicious food and even a jungle! Mexico has it all and is also an easy country to backpack! Do you still have doubts? Then these are the five reasons why Mexico really should be on your bucket list. EcoColors can help you with that!

The Mayan temples

Nowhere else can you find more ancient Mayan cities than in Mexico, which is why it is called the land of the Maya. Across the entire Yucatan peninsula, you can find ruins of ancient temples. Some are still covered by the jungle, others have been beautifully restored.

They call the feeling to climb such a temple “unique and special”. You can choose between dozens of complexes, but highlights are at least the famous Chichen Itza, the impressive Uxmal and the remote Calakmul, a huge ruin city hidden deep in the jungle.

Local specialties

For culinary highlights, Mexico is a top destination! At street stalls you can eat delicious tacos, but there are also more luxurious restaurants. Each region has its own specialties. In Yucatan for example, you have “Panuchos”, these are fried tacos with lettuce, red onion, tomato, avocado and chicken. At the sea you eat the best fish with a spicy salsa sauce. In Oaxaca the tamales, packages of corn dough stuffed with a local sauce, wrapped in a banana leaf are a must! You can also attend cooking workshops where you learn to prepare Mexican dishes.

Traditional Indian cities

As many of you know and as already mentioned above, Mexico is bursting with culture. Do you want to get acquainted with the traditions of Indian peoples, their customs and costumes? Be sure to visit the colorful cities of Oaxaca and San Cristobal.

  • San Cristobal is a mountain town that forms the center of Indian culture in the province of Chiapas. There are a large number of traditional villages in the vicinity.

Mexico has beautiful nature

In the Yucatan peninsula you will find a dense jungle with many howler monkeys. On the coast you will find numerous mangroves, flamingos and pelicans. As you head further north, you will meet the rugged, mountainous Mexico. A must see is the spectacular “Copper Canyon”, a group of six gorges. For the best views, take the ‘Copper Canyon Train’, which runs through the beautiful landscapes. And when we talk about the beautiful nature of Mexico, the numerous cenotes cannot be forgotten!

White sandy beaches and colorful underwater world

Do you want to see a lot, but also relax? Then Mexico is the ideal destination! The country has beautiful white beaches with turquoise clear water! Perfect if you want to relax for a few days! Skip the touristic Cancun and choose the hippie town of Tulum, the beautiful island of Isla Holbox or the laid-back Isla Mujeres. In the summer you can snorkel with dozens of whale sharks at Isla Holbox and from Isla Mujeres you can make beautiful diving or snorkeling trips. Because underwater life is worthwhile in Mexico.

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