Being Vegetetarian in Mexico

Everyone should nowadays be aware that the high consumption of meat and animal products in general has a fatal effect on the environment and climate change. As an ecofriendly and sustainable travel agency we try to support local businesses and only use local products in our menues. In all our tours there is always a vegetarian and a vegan option available. 

However, especially in Mexico, where meat dishes have a long tradition and are part of the culture, it is sometimes not so easy to find vegetarian or even vegan restaurants or dishes.
We want to give you a little insight into Mexico’s “Veggie World”. With our tips and recommendations you will find super tasty local dishes without any problems while traveling to Mexico.

We have put together a Top 10 of vegetarian Mexican products that even Meat Eaters should try! Many dishes are usually served with meat, but Mexicans are flexible and can quickly turn a chicken burrito into a vegetarian burrito.


10th place: Esquites


Corn on the cob with optional mayonnaise and/or cheese


9th place: Nopales

Cactus – a true “superfood”, with a high content of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fibre.


8th place: Empanadas

dumplings filled with cheese or potatoes


7th place: Quesadillas

Tortillas with melted cheese


6th place: Tacos

A tortilla mostly made of corn filled with all kinds of things like beans, avocado, cheese, vegetables,… etc.


5th place: Chilaquiles

old baked corn tortillas, which are fried in small pieces and then soaked with salsa, a fried egg, cheese, sour cream and coriander on top


4th place: Panuchos

Panuchos consist corn cakes filled with brown beans in taco size, mostly served with tomatoes, leaf salads, avocado, pickled onions and cheese.


3rd place: Rajas con Crema


Poblano chilli pepper (not spicy), cream and corn, often served with tacos


2nd place: Burrito

a slightly bigger corn tortilla filled with rice, beans, tomatoes, onions, avocado and cheese


1st place: Guacamole

Everyone’s favourite: The avocado cream seasoned with a little bit lime and some spices


Mexico is a country full of flavours, you can find many different spices (be careful: Mexicans love spicy food!) and also a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. The local variety is huge!
We hope the article has helped you a little and you can also dive as a vegetarian into the local Mexican cuisine! Remember to let us know it advance if you want to eat veggie in our tours!

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