Birds and Beers

EcoColors is proud and happy to announce its newest tours for 2018: Birds and Beers and Mexico Running Trip!

Birds and Beers, the name says it all, is the unique combination of bird watching and artisanal beer tasting. During this trip, you will enjoy the highlights of the Yucatan Peninsula in a fun and unique way!

In this 7 day trip you really get to know the culture, nature and adventure of Mexico. All this while having fun with your friends and family, tasting the various artisanal beers that Mexico has to offer. During these happy hours you will fully relax yourself and enjoy your ultimate vacations in this beautiful country. You will try the typical beer of every different place you visit and you will be amazed by the great variety of tastes.

We have created a diverse itinerary where you will get to enjoy the great local sights to see, while getting to see the most beautiful birds and wildlife. Some examples of these amazing birds are the red legged honeycreeper, the yucatan jay, the painted bunting, the jacana, green joy, magnolia warbler, royal fly catcher, keel billed toucan, among others.

The whole trip will be arranged; you will just travel, explore and have fun! Some highlights of this trip include Bird watching in Puerto Morelos, Chichen Itzá one of the New Seven World Wonders, cenotes, Rio Lagartos, Cobá archaeological site, Sian Kaan biosphere reserve and Tulum site!


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