The Caribbean coast and climbing a pyramid in one day!

If you plan a trip to the Yucatan Peninsula you definitely heard about the many ancient Mayan cities you can visit. The most famous one is of course Chichen Itza, cialis unhealthy but there are a lot more beautiful sites which have their own special attractions.


If you want to have a relaxing day at the beach, search but also want to be adventurous, get to experience Tulum and Coba! Tulum and Coba both are beautiful archaeological sites and are surrounded by many stunning cenotes.




Tulum is the only archaeological site that has been built overlooking the ocean. Hereby you will get some spectacular views of the beautiful beaches of the Riviera Maya and the Caribbean Sea. The most iconic of its structures, the Castillo, is built on the edge of a cliff, overlooking the beautiful turquoise waters of the Caribbean.


Don’t forget your swimsuit when you visit Tulum, because from the archaeological site you can walk down a staircase that leads down straight to the beach to spend some relaxing time.




When you’re done relaxing and ready for some adventure, you can visit the archaeological site of Coba. Coba has the highest pyramid of the Yucatan Peninsula, Nohuch Mul, and you can even climb these 120 steps.


Coba was a really important trade link between the Caribbean coast and the inland cities. A network of ancient roads radiates out from Coba. The longest sabce (white road), 96 km long, connects Coba to Yaxcuna.


And since you already brought your swimsuit, you can also enjoy a refreshing dip at the Gran Cenote, located between Coba and Tulum.


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– Chantal van den Boogaert

Private Mexico Tours Team.

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