How does Luxury Travel look like nowadays?

If you hear the word “luxury”, you immediately imagine diamonds, the most expensive champagne and a private yacht. What does a “luxury trip” look like accordingly?


The fact is that tourism is increasingly becoming a luxury service. In established luxury markets, however, we are experiencing a paradigm shift. Luxury travelers want quality and purpose instead of brand prestige; they are looking for unique and authentic experiences. Unusual services determine the offer; travelers want individualized trips where every need is satisfied so that the general well-being concept is fulfilled. Exclusivity and adventure are the new, old wishes of the travelers. The holidaymakers wish themselves an individual, exquisite place, which may still be “discovered” and which has not already been visited by their neighbors and colleagues. This clientele expects handmade journeys, which guarantee their experiences, by which the vacation becomes unique and differs from all past holidays.


Luxury is now defined as immaterial – self-discovery, simplicity, authenticity and “slow movement” instead of opulent demonstration and abundance. The society is beginning to understand which things one should really value. Health, for example, is seen as an individual luxury; people try not only to live healthier lives, but also to be more sociable, more enjoyment-oriented, more conscious and more active. Journeys that are good for mind and body on a holistic level are therefore popular.


But the only real luxury is time, you can’t get time back. Travelers do not want to waste time on unnecessary a

ctivities during their well-earned holidays, they want to use and enjoy every second effectively. Most people work in offices, in closed rooms, accordingly the desire for nature increases. This is where climate-neutral travel comes into play. Climate-neutral travel is no longer a vision, but already part of a progressive process and therefore part of the future.

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