Mexico is a country that truly has everything to offer. You can visit the beach, hike up sky-scraping mountains, get away from crowds in the desert, explore cityscapes, and everything in between. However, if you want to really relax, you’ll want to take the luxury route, and we have the most luxurious travel options just

Every autumn millions and millions of the orange glowing monarch butterflies from Canada and the USA fly to the highlands of Mexico to spend the winter months here. It is a unique natural spectacle when they lay themselves over nature like a huge carpet. For the Mexicans, the orange-black butterflies symbolize the return of the

Do you have a big love for animals? Would you like to experience wildlife up close? Then you should go on a wildlife adventure! We have plenty of options to choose from. Though, because of all these options, you could get confused which one to pick. That´s why we´re here to help you out! Read

With one week left ‘till Christmas everything and everyone is getting in a festive mood. The Christmas tree is all set up, the city is full of lights and in the stores and on the radio you hear Christmas songs all day long.   Here at the office of Private Mexico Tours, we’re also feeling

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