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Our Guides

Marcela Camarena

Hi, my name is Marcela Camarena and I am an enthusiastic and charismatic naturalist guide, diving instructor, fullcave diver and paramedic. I am committed to preserving the environment and its beautiful resources. Everytime I guide, I enjoy every part of it, interacting with people and nature. Whether in the forest, the sea, the mountains, indigenous communities, under the rain or on a sunny day, I bring the best of myself to make each trip an unparalleled experience!

Synthia Meier

My name is Synthia Meier, I was born in switzerland and spent the last 10 years more under than above the water. I am a passionate dive instructor, tour guide, videographer and speak 4 languages. For several years I worked in Egypt and since 2011 Mexico is my home. My passion is the ocean: I have a deep knowledge about the underwater wildlife and love to show it to guests from all over the world.

Fernando Cobos

My name is Fernando, and for me, being a tour guide is much more than just a job. I love nature and how environmental awareness can be spread with the help of adventure activities like bike riding, river rafting or scuba diving. I studied international tourism, I’m a certified archeological guide and scuba instructor. I speak spanish, german, english and portugese, and with these tools I work to create unique expeditions. Being able to show the beauty of our country to the visitors, is one of the most amazing experiences. Sharing my knowledge about the cultural and enviromental factors that define Mexico is what I love the most.

Cristopher Lopez

Hi, my name is Cristopher Lopez Paniagua and I am originally from Campeche, Mexico. My entire life I have been amazed with nature and have been looking for opportunities to enjoy, what I call, ‘god´s miracles’. This passion is what directed me to get involved with ecotourism, not just trying to enjoy our natural resources, but also teaching the importance and the responsibility that we have in order to take care of the environment that we are leaving to the next generations. What I love the most is: meeting new people, nature and food.

Hernan Esquivel

My name is Hernan and I was born in Merida, a city with many traditions, which I preserve and like to share with people who visit Mexico. I really like nature and particularly bird watching, which I find fascinating. Furthermore I enjoy the outdoors and of course exploring the sea. I am very proud of all that Mexico has to offers for tourists, such as the natural and cultural resources. My main motivation in life is interacting with visitors to show them how beautiful the country is.

Juan Carlos Bacelis

Hi, my name is Juan Carlos Bacelis I have been working as a tourist guide for approximately 18 years and I am a guide in english, spanish, french and italian. As a guide I really like to share my knowledge about what beautiful things Mexico has to offer: its history, nature, food, people and much more! I love my job and I enjoy what I do. I want to pass on my knowledge and passion, to create awareness for the environment.